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Customized Private Protection

Welcome to the Fidelis Protection Group.  We offer the best in customized private security.  We specialize in Executive Protection, Risk Assessments, Consultations, Political/Campaign Security, Corporate Security, and Large Event Protection. Please take your time to look around, learn more about us and discover what we can do for you.

Event Protection

Fidelis Protection Group understands that planning is paramount to ensure we are prepared for anything when it comes to Event Security. Establishing and maintaining relations and rapport with local, state and federal agencies is crucial. This lends support for additional expertise and qualified coverage, to ensure a successful crisis management plan can be implemented. Our level of preparedness will be our calling card.  The myriad of responsibilities that come along with large event security are best handled by professionals who have the knowledge and experience in securing large venues from a proactive approach. Intelligently structuring traffic flow into and out of your venue, parking, implementing emergency routes for medical professionals, positioning incident command posts, and establishing layered security is just where we begin. Our collective experience gives us a calm confidence in our ability to respond appropriately to any and all possible scenarios.

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