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Welcome to the Fidelis Protection Group.  We offer the best in customized private security.  We specialize in Executive Protection, Risk Assessments, Consultations, Political/Campaign Security, Corporate Security, and Large Event Protection. Please take your time to look around, learn more about us and discover what we can do for you.

Political/Campaign Security

Political figures and campaign events differ from typical VIP’s and events due to an already known and existing number of potential threats from opposing organizations. Political figures and campaigns immediately operate at higher threat levels. There are many well-known politically charged organizations in this world that aim to show up in large and intimidating numbers in opposition of a politician or political event. Such instances can be problematic in achieving a peaceful assembly. These are just some of the reasons political figures and campaign events need to be treated differently than other non-political VIPs or events.

Fidelis understands the complexities of this type of security due to real world experience at the highest level. Due to our own backgrounds in law enforcement and government work, we have created relationships with members of local law enforcement and government agencies to broaden the resources available for your protection. In depth understanding of anti/pro political movements, political figures and the political arena as a whole, are key factors that make Fidelis able to provide you with the best possible political/campaign security in the industry.

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