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Customized Private Protection

Welcome to the Fidelis Protection Group.  We offer the best in customized private security.  We specialize in Executive Protection, Risk Assessments, Consultations, Political/Campaign Security, Corporate Security, and Large Event Protection. Please take your time to look around, learn more about us and discover what we can do for you.

Risk Assessments

The Risk Assessment consists of an objective evaluation of risk in which assumptions and uncertainties are criticaly considered and concisely presented. Risk assessments require calculations of two components of risk: the magnitude of the potential loss, and the probability that the loss will occur.

A Risk Assessment can be conducted on anyone or anything. Results are then prioritized, although we believe that a potential loss of any kind to our client is significant and should demand the respect and utmost concern from all of us at Fidelis Protection Group.

From the onset, our policy is to consider ourselves personal stakeholders in the professional relationship we hope to have with you. What sets Fidelis apart from other security firms is that the founders are personally involved in every aspect of your protection, especially during the risk assessment stage.

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